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Our Creative process
pre concept

Here we turn a simple idea into a game, the goal is to solidify  and refine the vision until it is mature enough to be presented  as a game.

Here things get serious. Creative  department presents the concept to the everyone and we evaluate the feasibility of the project.

project mandate
Kick-Off Meeting

Once we agree that the project is feasible, we start planning. Budget, Strategy, Timeline, Roadmap, etc.

This is the beginning of a new game.

As a P2E studio, we have to consider our gamers benefits first, that is why creating the roadmap is the very first thing we do for every project.

Game Strategy

at this Product Design Team, design the entire economy and in-game strategies. Currencies, Progression, Soft-Currency, Reward System, etc.

This phase is dedicated to developing and evaluating tools in order to allow for content development in Production phase.

Community Announcement

This is where things get exciting!

we announce the project, and start eavesdropping on the community! ;)

The First Playable build enables team members to test and explore a work‑in-progress draft of the core experience of the game.

first playable

The Production phase is the main stage of development: this is when teams produce all the assets and source codes for the game.

All Helheim games have only 1 mint before release and it guarantees full access to the game, staking and breading (if available in roadmap)

public mint

During the Alpha stage, developers deliver all Game Features, modes and systems to enable players to experience the game.

This is a Performance test for us, to make sure the core game functions as expected and to find all the bugs and improvement possibilities.

Alpha Test

The Beta build delivers the fully polished game. After Beta, all focus can be put on further play-testing, balancing and debugging.

This is the real-life test for us. We test the polished game to make sure it works on all devices and consoles and to identify last changes.

Beta Test

The Game receives final approval for content and functionality, before being published and released to the community.

This is the most exciting part of our job.

We release the game after months of work and let the games begin.

live ops

After recovering from the Release Party, We enter the "Live production". This phase is dedicated to delivering post-launch content to our players.

Exit Limbo

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